Fun Photos
Sometimes on a hot day, I like to do my climbing against the current of the river.
Web Designer Craig humping up the Half Dome Slabs. Craig later got a kidney transplant and competed in the Transplant Olympics. Everybody should consider signing the Donor card.
Drum Instructor and Musician Mark the Lummox. We did an austere bivy here on pitch 17 of Half Dome because we didn't want to haul. I led with a small pack and Mark juggged (for the first time!) with another small one. The only downside is Lummoxes hate the cold!
I don't know if she is trimming her nails or what....

Then she found out I had caught her in the act.....

There is a person under this stuff, on top of Half Dome after Snake Dike.
I thought I would include a nicer picture of Tracey in case she ever finds out I published the foot shot.
Senior "Cult of Wawona" leaders Jeff "the crow- faced Wizard Boy and Mark "the Lummox" jammin in the Meadows.
Steve B. on one of our secret boulder 'til you drop (into a pool) problems
Neil getting up in the Middle of the night to take a dump on the Sheild route on El Cap. His face has been disquised to protect his identity although he should have done that when he robbed those banks. See trip report..
Mark "the great Woton" on "Tarzan" a 5.9 tree climb that has fixed pro and is the approach pitch to a 5 pitch overhanging limestone climb in Thailand. Back to Photo Index

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Karl and SusanJoy on top of Cathedral Peak Awesome Artist SusanJoy on a non-climbing day
Kristin getting carried away with Nepalese money! Above 13,000 feet they don't take American Express.
I was told to "lose the Mustache" Jugging on Lost Arrow