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Gomukh, Where the Ganges River in India emerges from the Gangotri Glacier at about 14,000+ feet. Bhagirathi Peaks in background.
Mr. Lummox cranking off the beach in Thailand in January.
Heffer on another great Thai beach climb. I wish I could say that this place wasn't well on its way to getting crowded and spoiled but it was sweet while it lasted.
Annapurna, Nepal One of the 10 highest mountains in the world.
The view from Gokyo Peak, Nepal at about 18,000 Feet There is a treking hut next to the lake below at 16,000+.
Yaks are cool and don't go much below 10,000 feet in Nepal. The ones that do are crossbreeds between cows and yaks. A female Yak is called a Nak. Yak, Nak, Padiwack!
Enhancing the colors of Mark A. on this Thai climb seemed to bring out some of the exotic feel of Thai Climbing. Note: I didn't change the shape of the rock at all!
Amarnath Baba at his hut at 11,000 feet at Badrinath, India. Full of fun, wisdom and bliss, Amarnath will be missed.
Tourist Geeks in Thailand ;-0
Poonja Ji

Another Wise man who gave generously to me in time, wisdom and mango shakes .

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Mark "the great Woton" on "Tarzan" a 5.9 tree climb that has fixed pro and is the approach pitch to a 5 pitch overhanging limestone climb in Thailand.