Free Climbing Trip Reports:

Note: The reports I have written are sometimes about climbs that might have been especially dangerous, humorous, or because something went wrong.

When I climb with less experienced folks, I don't get so crazy! In 20 years of climbing, nobody's got worse than a gobi while climbing with me.

There are a also number of reports here written by folks who have climbed with me that include less epics!

A Gunks Gumby Goes to the Valley
Steven's Report of a 9 day climbing tour

Return of the Gunks Gumby
Steven's second Trip

Dawn A's Report: A Lot of Firsts

Dawn A's Second Report Year 2000

CrimperGirl In Yosemite (Broadband)

Fairview Dome with Crag

Weekend with Brutus and Em 2001

Climbing Blindfolded 2003

Arches/North Dome with John

Road Trip 2002

Reciprocity: Gunks-Yosemite 2002 with S. Cherry

East Butt Middle Cathedral with Marc

East Butt Middle Descent Beta (Thanks Clint)

Tom Roger's Trip Report (Tuolumne Meadows)

Chris and Pat's TR (Yosemite Moderates)

Karl Lew's Trip Report Rain and Rainbows

Wild Thing! 40th Birthday Epic

Crest Jewel Direct 2nd Ascent

Crest Jewel Direct Topo and Beta

Galactic Hitchhiker (2nd and 3rd Ascent)

Galactic Hitchhiker Topo

East Butt Middle with John

Second Ascent of Nataraj on North Dome

Topo and Approach Beta for Nataraj

Lucky Streaks on Fairview with Dave A

Climbing in the Valley with Todd and Dave A

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Dawn A.(TradGirl)on Serenity Crack TR1 TR2
Steven Cherry on Outer Limits 10b TR1, TR2, TR3