Wall & Aid Climbing Photos II
The Pitch above El Cap Spire on the Salathe Wall, El Capitan. I know it s a butt shot , and I might even try to free this pitch if it were off the ground,....But...it looked pretty hard at the time.
1981 picture of me on Texas Flake on the Nose of El Capitan.
Starting up my fixed line on the first pitch of soloing Zodiac in 1982. There was still plenty of nailing left on the route in those days.
James "Sulam" W cleaning the Great Roof Pitch on the Nose of EL Capitan.
Bad Bivy Below Camp 4 Nose
Roger L Jugging on Half Dome Direct Roger L Crossing Thank God Ledge Half Dome
Adrian cleaning a traverse on the Muir
Kevin cleaning hard aid on Central Scrutinizer
David waking up on Sickle Ledge
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